blumlein records Prof. Dr. Michael Grube (1954*)
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From 1958 on Michael Grube was taught the Violin by his father. Subsequent studies led him to Prof. Max Rostal (Bern), Prof. Ivan Galamian (New York) and Prof. Henryk Szeryng (Paris / Mexico).

Michael Grube studied musicology and composition. As a distinguished soloist he performs worldwide with renown symphony-orchestras and chamber music ensembles, and also teaches masterclasses frequently. In 2003 Michael Grube was awarded the title of international "Musician of the year" in Great Britain.

"The audience especially appreciates the pervasive harmony, the elegance of his interpretations and the impressive symbiosis of emotional depth and brilliant technique." (Marina Herbst)

Michael Grube play a violin crafted by Niccolo Amati (Cremona) in the middle of the 17th Century.


Michael Grube - Live in Berlin

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Michael Grube
P.O.B. (Casilla) 17 - 04 - 10343
Quito - Ecuador
Fon & Fax: +59 32 2409428

Contact in Europe: Mr. Esteban Aguirre
+49 17 2677 7276

Michael Grube
Rauensteinstrasse 32
D-88662 Ueberlingen-Bodensee (Lake Constance)